Diesel Forklift Truck RCD 10 – 18 t

Make light work of heavy loads

  • Lastkapacitet 18000 kg
  • Lyfthöjd 7000 mm
  • Hastighet 30 km/h

Loads weighing up to 18 tonnes? Bulky goods? Tough operating conditions? The STILL RCD 100-180 heavy-duty forklift truck does the job for you! Its efficient and powerful common-rail turbo engines provide enough power to satisfy even the greatest handling appetite quickly and effectively. How much fuel does your new heavyweight champion consume in the process? Less! The results of the tested comparative work cycles show that the RCD 100-180 consumes less than all other torque converters. You don’t have to worry about the EU emission standard either: The STILL RCD 100-180 is well below the currently required limit values.

It boasts impressive handling power and extremely intuitive and sensitive controls: Thanks to the precise hydraulics and excellent visibility, your employees can get the best possible performance out of the truck in any situation. And in the event that the view to the front is blocked by large loads, the entire driver’s workspace, including the control elements, can be rotated by 180 degrees. Regardless of the load you have to move, the wide range of fork carriages and attachments of the RCD 100-180 will take the weight off your shoulders.

Powerful and economical:

exceptional handling performance meets the lowest levels of consumption of all hydrodynamically driven trucks in its class

Stable all-round visibility:

visibility-optimised truck design with sloped counterweight and armoured glass roof window

Ergonomically excellent:

roomy and low-vibration workstation, decoupled, with easy to use control units


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RCD 10 – 18 t i detalj

"Simply Efficent" faktorer: Prestationsattribut som ett mått på ekonomisk effektivitet

Simply easy

The ergonomically designed workspace and shock-absorbing cab with rubber bearings
protect the driver’s health and maintain performance levels

Easy-to-reach and intuitive control elements
enable consistently efficient and safe operation

Excellent all-round visibility:
A sloping counterweight and visibility-optimised lifting frame ensure a clear view of the goods and the working environment

Individual adjustment options of the control elements for the driver,
ensuring optimum comfort and fatigue-free working

Simply powerful

Industrial engines combine strong performance with low consumption,
improving the truck’s lifespan and handling performance while reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

Best possible performance dynamics 
thanks to the optimal combination of efficient diesel engines, transmission and hydrodynamic drive

State-of-the-art exhaust gas treatment system
that significantly exceeds current emission standards

Simply safe

Automatic parking brake 
allows the vehicle to be parked safely

Clear view when reversing
– all rear-facing parts such as the exhaust pipe are integrated into the chassis

Large, non-slip and clearly visible steps

allow for safe entry and exit

Roof window made of safe armoured glass
offers good visibility of the raised load and protects against accidents and damage to goods

Safe and fast goods handling
due to precise and intuitively controllable hydraulic lifting system

Simply flexible

Different operating concepts
offer the right solution for all drivers and operating situations

Control options for any situation
including an additional electric steering wheel in the left armrest

Large selection of specially developed attachments

makes the truck the perfect all-rounder for various applications

Heavy loads can be transported with ease in confined areas
thanks to narrow track width (RCD 100 and 120)

Simply connected

Analysis and optimisation of operational and truck data
through the optional interface for integration into fleet management software such as STILL neXXt fleet

Förfrågan till: RCD 10 – 18 t

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Maximal lyftkapacitet (kg)
Maximal lyfthöjd (mm)
Körhastighet (km/h)
RCD 100/600 10.000 6.500 27.9
RCD 100/1200 10.000 7.000 28.8
RCD 120/600 12.000 6.500 27.6
RCD 120/1200 12.000 7.000 28.4
RCD 140/600 14.000 7.000 28.3
RCD 140/1200 14.000 7.000 28.1
RCD 150/600 15.000 7.000 28.3
RCD 150/1200 15.000 7.000 27.9
RCD 160/600 16.000 7.000 28.1
RCD 160/1200 16.000 7.000 27.7
RCD 180/600 18.000 7.000 28.1
RCD 180/900 18.000 7.000 25


Dokumentet för nedladdning är den uppdaterade versionen av manualen för standadtrucken. Den inkluderar inte beskrivningar av kundanpassningar (kundalternativ). Kontakta STILL's revservdelsavdelning  när det gäller en specifikt truck. Uppge truckens serienummer och tillverkningsår.

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Förfrågan till: RCD 10 – 18 t

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