Electric Forklift Truck SXV-CB 10

Flexibility meets innovation

  • Lastkapacitet 1000 kg
  • Lyfthöjd 5380 mm
  • Hastighet 12 km/h

The SXV-CB is a reliable all-rounder for a range of applications. The electric forklift truck is extremely compact and particularly stable when cornering thanks to excellent weight distribution and automatic speed restriction. With its narrow aisle width and small turning radius, it is also extremely manoeuvrable in the tightest of spaces. It can effortlessly lift up to 1,000 kilograms on its cantilever forks. The SXV-CB is user-friendly, and, thanks to its speed-dependant steering, can be controlled with precision and efficiency with minimal effort. There is also the option of integrating a second control panel for added convenience when reversing. This facilitates forward and reverse driving with left- and right-handed operation, without having to turn your body too far.

Speaking of comfort: Drivers love the SXV-CB for its ergonomics, which guarantee fatigue-free load handling. This is ensured by the comfortable stand-on workplace which offers plenty of space to move, the upholstered backrest, the low step height of 120 mm on each side and the ergonomic steering and operation without needing to alter your hand position. The unrestricted view of the warehouse and load provide a high level of working comfort, as well as safety. After all, where the driver effortlessly has everything in view, driver, surroundings, load and vehicle are kept safe. The robust overhead guard also contributes to safety, while the optionally configurable warning light aids visibility in warehouse traffic. This means that the SXV-CB provides an answer to many common issues in warehouse management and is your powerful and versatile partner for stacking, transportation, order picking, or loading and unloading.

A versatile all-rounder:

compact dimensions, intuitive operation and outstanding availability ensure a high level of stability and therefore a wide range of potential applications

Manoeuvrability in confined spaces:

small turning radius and narrow aisle width

Ergonomic workplace:

comfortable driver’s seat and fatigue-free load handling thanks to speed-dependent steering without readjusting hand position

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SXV-CB 10 i detalj

"Simply Efficent" faktorer: Prestationsattribut som ett mått på ekonomisk effektivitet

Simply easy

Fatigue-free operation:
precise and smooth electrical steering unit

Unobstructed view when driving:
free view mast and centrally positioned tiller

Precise control in the narrowest spaces:
sensitive proportional valve control and optional creep speed function

Drive, steer and lift with just one hand:
ergonomic and intuitive operation for left and right handers

Simply powerful

Optimal utilisation of storage space:
high lift heights and residual load capacities

Maximum handling capacity:
powerful, reliable and low-maintenance AC drive motor

Always ready for use:
li-ion battery with a capacity of between 300 Ah and 500 Ah and straightforward lateral battery change

Simply safe

Overhead guard:
Robust overhead guard for optimum visibility and maximum protection from falling object

Safe cornering:

Curve Speed Control automatically adjusts speed to the steering angle when cornering

Simply flexible

For all pallet types:
adjustable forks enable handling of a wide range of pallets

For all load carriers:
thanks to the self-supporting forks, closed carriers can also be lifted with ease

Individually expandable:
up to two additional hydraulic functions for attachments

Simply connected

Service information can be easily read out
via an interface and, if necessary, vehicle properties can be parameterised.

STILL Li-Ion-teknik inuti

Det perfekt harmoniserade kraftsystemet för att minska driftkostnaderna och öka trucktillgängligheten.

Mer om STILL Li-Ion-teknik


High handling capacity

Up to 1,000 kg and lifting heights of up to 5,380 mm.


Self-supporting and adjustable forks allow the handling of different pallet types.

Battery interlock

Innovative battery plug lock enables fast battery replacement, without the risk of jamming.

Load handling

Easy and safe load handling thanks to mast tilt fitted as option.

Everything in view, all the time

Colour display with a range of language-independent symbols shows you all of the important functions at a glance.


Robust overhead guard with steel struts for optimised visibility and increased safety.

Low entry height

Fast and safe entry and exit thanks to low step height.

Compact dimensions

Compact dimensions facilitate working in confined spaces.


Different loads can be flexibly handled with cantilever forks.

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Maximal lyftkapacitet (kg)
Maximal lyfthöjd (mm)
Körhastighet (km/h)
Batterispänning (V)
SXV-CB 10 1000 5380 12 24


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